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About Me

My Family

Me, My Beautiful Wife and Daughter.

Welcome To My Blog Page!

Thank you for visiting my Blog Page!  My name is Craig Rawson, and I live in the Ohio Valley with my beautiful wife and daughter.  I created this blog because a friend of mine told me that I should write a book about the lessons I learned during my battle with cancer.  My answer to her was that I wish I had time to write a book.  After some thought, I decided to start this blog. (I will write the book one page at a time.)  I want to share my story about fighting cancer and the lessons I’ve learned during my year and a half battle with this terrible disease. I want to share with you my story about my physical recovery after the radiation and chemotherapy treatments, and steps that I am currently taking to get fit and healthy.  You may also see a blog here and there about one of my passions.  I Love Hiking! 

So a little background on me…

 Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I had an incredible family life.  There was Dad, Mom, my older sister and me.  Dad worked his butt off for a local coal mining company.  Mom was a stay at home mom who, as I now realize, had one of the toughest jobs on the planet.(Raising kids isn’t as easy as some people think. I know from experience, as my wife and I raise our little girl who is now 3.) My sister had the second toughest job on the planet (being Craig’s older sister). Then there was me – young and carefree, and I thought I had the world by the tail. So many memories from playing little league baseball, riding my dirt bike, spending hours in the woods and that very first car I got. Why did I ever get rid of that 72 Nova SS? But as you well know, we all have to grow up, our priorities change and Life Happens!

I married my beautiful wife on June 19, 1993. My wife and I did every thing together.  We worked out together, went for walks, and enjoyed hiking together.  We even worked together for a while at the local Christian Bookstore that I managed.  After fifteen years of marriage, my wife informed me that she was pregnant, and in March of 2009 my life changed forever. A tiny miracle was born. When I laid eyes on my daughter for the very first time, all I could say is “WOW”!  The reality of Psalm 139:14 became real to me in such a fresh way.

In November, 2009, I had a precautionary scan done on my neck because of a swollen lymph node. My father-in-law was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2009, and my wife thought it would be best to have the scan done. I was told that the scan was normal, so my wife and I enjoyed our First Christmas together with our daughter. On December 31, 2009, I was at work, and I ended up having a burning sensation in my right ankle. Over the next 5 days that burning sensation migrated through my entire body, and it stopped in my abdomen, chest and back. I went to my doctor, and blood tests and scans were ordered. I was originally told that it was Neuropathy. In February, 2010, I lost all sense of smell, which led to more tests. Long story short, by May 2010, I had been to 12 different specialist, and I was poked and probed just about every way a man could be poked and probed. I was losing weight, I had no energy and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. Finally, after seeing an ENT, the doctor found something “suspicious” in my sinus cavity, and surgery was performed to remove a small tumor which was sent out for a biopsy. At the end of May, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was now in a fight for my life.

I ended up going through two differnet rounds of Radiation Treatments and one round of Chemotherapy. At the end of my treatments, my weight was down to 123 pounds, and the effects of the treatments had taken its toll on my body. In these blog pages, I will share in more detail my story and my trek back to health.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy my different Blog Pages and find it to be an extremely valuable for you or for someone you know. Make sure to browse around, and please leave a comment. I would appreciate it if you would forward my Blog Page to family or friends, because we all know people who have been affected by cancer.  I hope in these pages someone can find encouragement.


Craig Rawson